Our advanced deburring machines and experienced technicians ensure that various metal parts are not only aesthetically finished perfectly, but also meet the highest quality standards. At Berma, we combine high-quality machinery with in-house expertise, resulting in the successful completion of every project.

What is deburring?

During metalworking processes such as laser cutting, plasma cutting or punching, unwanted burrs and sharp edges can arise. Deburring is an essential process in which these sharp edges, burrs and undesired irregularities are removed to achieve a smooth and precise finish. This is crucial to ensure safety, facilitate assembly and enhance the overall quality of the final product. At Berma, we understand the importance of accuracy and precision: that’s why we have invested in advanced deburring machines and work with a team of specialists.


Various deburring techniques

Whether it concerns small precision parts or large constructions: we approach every project with the same dedication and attention to detail. Our experienced team uses different techniques such as grinding, brushing, tumbling and blasting to achieve an optimal finish. We also consider the properties of the material and the complexity of the work to ensure that deburring is carried out efficiently.

Deburring for various sectors

The versatility of deburring allows us to successfully complete projects for various sectors. Berma is active in:

  • Machine construction
  • Offshore companies in the Netherlands
  • Utility construction (facade cladding)
  • High-tech industry
  • Industrial cleaning (machines)
  • Cooling techniques
  • Internal transport systems

Why Berma – Metalworking Brabant?

At Berma, we are close to our customers, enabling us to communicate directly, which is nice for both us, and the customer. Our team is happy to listen to specific needs and provide expert advice to offer the best deburring solutions.

In addition to deburring, we also offer a wide range of other metalworking services, such as punching, laser cutting, bending, insert pressing, assembling and welding. This allows us to offer a total solution for all your metalworking projects, from design to final product. A simple or complex product? Large or small series? Standard or unique? Challenge us! Contact us via the contact page.