Laser cutting

At Berma we embrace advanced technologies to provide the best possible solutions for your project. That’s why metal laser cutting is one of the services we offer. Laser cutting is a high-quality and efficient method for precisely cutting through various metals. Our laser processes always deliver unparalleled quality and precision, enabling us to work on the most complex projects.

What is laser cutting?

Metal laser cutting is a process that utilizes a concentrated laser beam to make precise and clean cuts in metal sheets of various types and thicknesses. This allows us to create complex shapes and contours without damaging the project. This advanced technology enables cutting with great precision, ensuring high accuracy. By using the latest laser techniques, we can produce consistently and cost-effectively.

Knowledge in laser cutting for various sectors

Berma serves a diverse group of customers, realizing that each sector has its own requirements. Therefore, we take into account the specific demands of each market segment. We work in, among other things:

  • Machine construction
  • Offshore companies in the Netherlands
  • Utility construction (facade cladding)
  • High-tech industry
  • Industrial cleaning (machines)
  • Cooling techniques
  • Internal transport systems

From simple sheet metal processing to complex 2D-laser cutting: At Berma we have the capabilities to meet every project need.

Our laser cutting machine

We offer customized laser cutting with the following dimensions:

  • Maximum length: 4000x1500mm
  • Maximum thickness: 5mm

Why choose Berma?

Our team is ready to advise and assist you with all metalworking issues. A cooperation with Berma is based on trust, quality and customer focus. We aim to exceed the expectations and bring your projects to a next level. A custom project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are located in the province of Brabant, in Bergeijk: Near the Brainport region in Eindhoven.

Fortunately, at Berma, we have a talented team of professionals with years of experience in metal working. In addition to laser cutting, you can also rely on us for and welding. Feel free to contact us for more information.