Utility and residential construction

Utility- and residential construction projects demand high-quality materials to guarantee the desired durability and reliability. Our metalworking experts have many years of experience in producing precise and durable metal components for both utility and residential construction projects.

Diverse projects in utility and residential construction

We handle projects for utility and residential construction, for both small and large projects, nationally and internationally. We have specialized in producing facade claddings and window frames.

Our expertise extends across a wide range of projects including office- and residential complexes, shopping centers, schools and medical facilities. We collaborate closely with our customer to understand its specific requirements and provide custom metal solutions.

Our knowledge in metalworking

Whether it concerns punching, laser cutting, deburring, bending or insert pressing: our experienced team of professionals guarantees top-quality craftsmanship. We provide expert advice to our customers on the most suitable types of metal and processing techniques for their utility or residential projects, with a focus on durability, efficiency and aesthetics.

Custom metalworking

We are not only active in the utility and residential construction, but also in:

  • Machine construction
  • Offshore companies in the Netherlands
  • High-tech industry
  • Industrial cleaning (machines)
  • Cooling techniques
  • Internal transport systems

Feel free to contact us for your project.

Why Berma: metalworking Brabant?

We work closely with contractors and architects in the commercial and residential construction sectors to provide the best solutions for every project.

We always want to understand the specific requirements of our customer. This is how we provide tailor-made solutions! We are happy to advise you on the most suitable material and design for your project.

Together we build functional and sustainable spaces that meet the needs of modern society. Contact us for your business project.